A meeting placefor glories and dreams

A site whereinheritance was born

A location wherepersistence is long lasting

An area wherehistory was turning into classics


Nothing everexisted that can keep a team full of vibrant and go ahead but its spirit,common goal, mission and value. To build upChinaecological and leisure brandis Zhongda Crocodile Garment Company’s main goal which also reflects thededication and innovation of the company.

As a member of asociety, Zhongda Crocodile has the obligation to lead the development of thisindustry and the obligation of returning society. Each individual in it shouldtake the obligation as a way to realize its value. By hardworking, home making,and endless learning, we continuously realize self-value of life.




    We chierish the staff's value and dedication and put our members' strength together. Zhongda Crocodile Company focus on building a harmonious, friendly and sincere team atmosphere. For this, many kinds of activities which help unity and horizon broadening are constantly carried out.