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Franchise policy:

Zhejiang crocodile brand inChina, the only operator.

Zhejiang crocodile brand nationwide implementationof the unified retail price, franchise / counter by a unified discount supply.

Zhejiang crocodile national franchise stores /counters enjoy a certain proportion of goods exchange.

Zhejiang crocodile national brand stores / countersunified use of the brand image of the decoration, the goods show containercompany.

"Zhejiangcrocodile" brand to provide product management support, regular technicalservices inspections, and to assist management.

Zhejiang crocodile brand national stores / countersenjoy advertising support.

"Zhejiang crocodile"national brand stores / counters enjoy sales rebate.


Join conditions:

Brand awarenessand brand management concept

With storemanagement and personnel management business philosophy

With a certaindegree of economic capacity, and to ensure adequate store funds

Long termdevelopment of business plans and marketing plans

Can be in theconcession area, the completion of the bustling district and the Districtopened stores or counters

Shopping counterarea of not less than 30 square meters, the store is not less than 50 squaremeters

Be able to obey themanagement and operation rules of the brand name "Zhejiang crocodile "